/* Hello! I am U (not to be confused with You, which I am not).
My full name is Yuval Perlov and I create software for as long as I can remember now (my long term memory is surprisingly short). I also use parenthasis a lot when I write (it reminds a little of code comments, where all the REAL action takes place).
This blog came about as a place to publish my thoughts about software (God knows we need more of those!). More importantly, in the spirit of the open-source movement, I've decided it's time to publish my own internal implementation (like most people, I've been more concerned with exposing my interface).
Feel free to use this code under the open-source license of your choice.

In what can be described as my spare time, I run R-U-ON, the coolest monitoring service on the face of the web! */

public class U {

    private void blogInit() {    
        // The world is a singleton (i hope)
        World.addListener(new Reaction() {
            public void onReadMyBlog() {